A nourishing start to the week

Content warning: loss of family members

I’ve been living out of a gym bag.

We recently lost two close family members and since we’re all a little fragile right now, I’ve been trying to give as much support to my mother and grandmother as I can. Among other things, that has involved sleeping over at both their houses.

All of this happened just as I was in the process of moving–I was supposed to vacate my old apartment last month but that hasn’t been possible, partly because a pipe broke on the floor above my new apartment and flooded half the building, which unleashed a series of minor disasters (or possibly not so minor?? I’m meeting with an engineer this week to discuss the damage) that included a broken window in the bedroom that was supposed to be my office that has yet to be replaced.

So yeah, part of my things are at my mother’s, part at the new apartment and part at the old apartment, where I’ve been coming every day to shower because the only working shower at my mother’s house broke a couple of days ago.

It’s the mars retrograde, isn’t it?

But anyway, I didn’t come here to complain. We’re all sad and stressed and busy, but we’re doing our best to keep moving. I’m welcoming the opportunity to spend more time with my grandmother and my mother, especially when it means sitting down to a breakfast like this:

Pictured: omelette on white plate with full coffee cup, fork and knife, on a pale green tablecloth printed with flowers.

Usually I’m the one cooking for my mother, so today’s breakfast was a lovely treat prepared by her. It’s a tortilla española (a Spanish omelette) made with onions, red peppers, herbs, and some potatoes left over from yesterday’s meal, which was also a lovely one:

Pictured: Four serving platters containing sliced ham with onions, fried plantains and corn fritters, a salad and a sauce on a pale green tablecloth printed with sliced lemons.

Me and my gym bag are in my old apartment right now, packing up some of the clothes and books that I’d yet to put away. While I do that, I’ve been watching bullet journal videos on YouTube. I mean, is it a wonder that I’m craving organization? I’ve never been a planner kind of person, but I’m seriously considering popping out to buy supplies because the post-its I’ve been writing everything on are scattered around the various places I’m inhabiting and so, it feels like, is my brain.

You know what? I’m going to go right now–I do have a chronic illness and I have to take advantage of the little pockets of time when the fatigue and pain are manageable to do these kinds of things. Be right back.

Well, I’m back four hours later, sans journal, having been suckered into running a few errands. I’ll browse online while I make dinner for myself and my mother…

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