Weekly recap: blogging like it’s 2012

Look at me, blogging like it’s 2012. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep this up, but for now I’m hoping to post one of these every Monday.

The week started out with a burst of energy. I love when this happens. It’s like when you’ve been reading in the late afternoon and you’re so caught up on your book that you don’t realize how dark it’s been getting until someone turns on a light: I hadn’t realized just how exhausted and brain-foggy I’ve been until I woke up this morning, feeling alert and, well, maybe not like I could run a marathon but like I could sit at my desk for longer than ten minutes.

On Wednesday, I took the afternoon off to spend time with friends, who I hadn’t seen in more than a month. I don’t have a car, and the friend whose large terrace we usually hang out in lives far enough for me that it’s sometimes tricky for me to get there in rush hour after-work traffic, which is when everyone can meet. So I went to a friend’s office a couple of hours before she finished work so that I could ride with her to dinner.

This was fun, on several levels. First, because she works with two of our friends from university, who I don’t see regularly, so it was a nice treat to spend time with them. Second, because we all studied Architectural Design and watching them work felt like getting a little glimpse of what my life could have looked like if I had chosen to continue on that route. (I worked as an interior designer for a couple of years after graduation before going off to Spain for a master’s in Art History.) For a couple of hours, I sorted fabric samples on the long table they use as a shared desk, then helped them and their assistants stuff down inserts into cushions in preparation for styling a client’s living room the next day.

Dinner was lovely–the friend I rode with cooked her specialty, shrimp pasta, and a different friend brought cookie dough (she makes sugar cookies with rosemary and thyme) that we baked as we had dinner and then ate fresh from the oven. There were cocktails (tequila and ginger beer) and a lot of talking under the string lights on the terrace. It was the kind of evening that does good to a person’s soul–and stomach, naturally.

Image description: my hand holding a glass with a half-drunk cocktail. Underneath is a coaster and in the background, an open package of basil.

The rest of the week was taken up with letting in various people to do work on the old apartment. Just about everything needed to be repaired, including rewiring the main bathroom and closet because I’ve been living in the dark for over a year. (Insert facepalm emoji here.) All that’s left to do is to check out the washer/dryer, which started to misbehave a couple of days ago, and to replace the air conditioner unit in the bedroom because the current one has been broken since September and the technician said it can’t be repaired.

Sunday I had lunch at my grandmother’s house with my parents–who, by the way, have been divorced since 2007. They’re still friends, though, and they’ve always been good about making sure we always have family time on Sundays. We had moorish rice with black beans fresh from the countryside, pork chops, and the crispest tostones. Afterwards, we had coffee and olive oil cake.

Image description: a flowered coffee cup, a small plate with a slice of cake on it, a ceramic frog in a yellow bikini that my grandmother has had since the 70s, all sitting on her porch’s balustrade. In the background are plants and part of a blue wall.

Then my mother asked me to accompany her to see a friend. She was at her beach house, so we drove forty minutes along the coast.

Image description: a view of the highway taken from the passenger seat of a car, with palm trees on either side and a hint of the ocean on the right.

This is what our view looked like for most of that afternoon:

Image description: bright blue ocean and a bright blue sky, framed by palm trees.

THEN–you can imagine how exhausted I was at this point–we stopped to get some groceries for my grandmother, got some pizza with vegan cheese, and went back to my grandmother’s house. We had dinner together, then she went to bed and we hung out there with her–it’s a king size with a fantastic mattress, and I always sprawl out next to her. We called some family members and generally enjoyed seeing Abuela more alert than she has been in at least a couple of years.

I am flat on my back this morning, but honestly, it was worth it. I have a lot of work to do this week and I can’t really concentrate when there’s other people around–not to mention that it’s going to be a work from bed kind of week for me–or else I’d be tempted to take my laptop to Abuela’s house and set up a little workspace on her porch…

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