Portrait of the Author as a Young…Edwardian?

Last year, when I announced to my family that I had sold two books to Harlequin Historical, my sister surprised me with a piece of commissioned art. It was a portrait of me, done by this AMAZING artist. (The link leads to his Instagram account.)

She asked that I be drawn in an Edwardian costume, because this is the time period I usually write in–and I happen to LOVE the clothes. Don’t they make me look dignified? Like a proper Lady Authoress who sits at her desk holding a fountain pen with ink stained fingers, instead of the disreputable gremlin that I am, lounging on the couch with snacks and a laptop and panicking about my wordcount.

As the release date for my Harlequin debut, Compromised Into A Scandalous Marriage, draws nearer, I keep looking back at those giddy weeks almost a year ago when Sebastian and Paulina were known only to my agent Sarah, my editor Nicola, and myself. I can’t wait for them to make their way out into the world!

The disreputable gremlin in me is too busy with the next book to do much more than growl and reach for another cookie, but the Lady Authoress depicted above hopes that you will enjoy reading about Sebastian and Paulina’s adventures as much as she enjoyed writing them.