April Showers (The Sockdolager, Women of War Issue #07)

The two girls work for El Diario Libre. A week before the occupation’s seventy-fifth anniversary, they have come to interview Blanca about the night of that last battle—not because they know what she has seen, but because she is the only person left who was alive when it happened.

They were the ones who brought the photographs, so proud of themselves for having dug them out of whichever archive they’d been rotting in. As if Blanca hasn’t seen them spread across the newspapers every year when the anniversary of the occupation rolls around. As if she doesn’t see it all still, every time she closes her eyes.


To Follow Her Home

A birth-day curse, a creature out of Dominican myth, a family curse and a grief so deep it can only be overcome by supernatural means are some of the things you will find in the four short stories that make up this collection.

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