Don’t trust me with your breakables!

I will fumble and drop everything I pick up, and trip over anything up to and including a dust mote. Luckily, my author copies for Compromised into a Scandalous Marriage are sturdy enough to withstand my clumsiness.


I’ve been in bed with a bad chronic pain and fatigue flare all week. This was DEFINITELY worth getting up for! (Obligatory plug: releases July 26th and it’s available for preorder!!) #romancebooks #romancebooktok #booktok #spicybooktok📚 #spicyromancebooks

♬ Awkward Silence – The Elevator Music Jazz Trio

This was my very first time receiving print copies of ANYTHING I’ve written, so of course I had to make (also my very first) unboxing video! I’m not the smoothest person ever, but you can’t say I’m not excited!






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