The Infamous Miss Rodriguez got a makeover!

This has been almost a year in the making! It all started with a new cover, made by my wonderful little sister with illustrations by Dominican artist Lydia Perez. (The link leads you to her Behance profile.)

Image description: Bright lilac background with abstract flower petals in the same shade. The title of the book is slanted across the middle. Above it is an illustration of a pale-skinned man with dark hair, a white shirt and dark blue trousers. Under it is an illustration of a brown skinned woman with her back to the viewer, wearing a fluffy blue dress that looks like flower petals. Her hair is in a braid, held back by a blue flower.

I wrote a brand new epilogue and cleaned up the text–when I first published this almost seven years ago, I couldn’t really afford professional editing. Revisiting these characters was such a joy. I hope that if you check it out, you will enjoy spending time in Ciudad Real with Graciela and Vicente as much as I did.






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